Alpine flair outside. Mountains. Meadows.
Forests. Brooks.
Modern living inside. Comfort.
Harmony. Joie de vivre.
A whole new unity at Gamskogelblick.
Give way to free development.

Indulge in a modern living ambiance combined with Alpine flair at Gamskogelblick Apartment in Längenfeld. Heaps of space for living, light-flooded rooms, lovely interiors and special highlights can be found in our 3 Apartments. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the peace and listen to the sounds of the surrounding nature on your private balcony. This is what living at Gamskogelblick stands for - Your holiday(at)home.


Apart TwO
2 sleeping rooms
66 m² living area
and 36 m² balcony


Apart THreE
1 sleepingroom
40 m² living area
and 11 m² balcony


Apart FOUr
2 sleepingrooms
76 m² living area
and 24 m² balcony

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